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Drama Over Amapiano Awards Nominees List

Drama Over Amapiano Awards Nominees List

On Monday, Mzansi was reeling at the news that one of the leading music genres in the country right now will be getting their very own awards event.

In a statement released by the award’s organisers, they explained that they decided to come up with the awards because yanos artists have not received any recognisition for the hard work they continue to put into their songs.

“What somewhat started as an “underdog’s sound” has now gone on to find itself at the forefront of music culture not only in Mzansi but the rest of the continent – and the world. It therefore came as a shock to many when categories in the prominent award ceremonies in the country were not dominated by Amapiano artists – despite the yanos leading in terms of fan base and numbers on social media.”

Not only is the does the genre boast great sound, production or vibes, but what makes it stand out is also the dance moves that accompany a number of songs. In 2019, everyone was crazy about the pouncing cat, which is still a relevant dance move in 2020.

Dancers such as Killer Kau, Kamo Mphela and Uncle Vinny have entertained the masses at events; with Uncle Vinny even coining his unique style of dance that people enjoy.

However, this was not enough for Tweeps who have questioned why the young entertainer is on the nominees list. The list includes categories such as Best Amapiano Music Video, Best Amapiano Newcomer, Friends of Amapiano, Most Viral Amapiano Song Of The Year, Best Amapiano Dance Act, Amapiano Artist Of The Year and of course Amapiano Song Of The Year.

Uncle Vinny is nominated in the Best Amapiano Dance Act category along with Cooper Pabi, who has also received backlash for being nominated. Riky Rick is another nominee tweeps are not crazy about. The rapper is being accused of “riding the amapiano wave” and not actually contributing much to the genre. A number of fans wanted to see the likes of Njelic, who has heated the dancfloor with songs such as Shesha Geza, Nana Thula and Liyoshona, to name a few. Others, who enjoy what they call ‘private school amapiano’ – is what house music fans eould call Deep House, wanted to see Kelvin Momo on the list.

This is how the streets reacted:

“So Uncle Vinny got nominated just to raise his hands up and dance,while bo Kelvin Momo,Njelic,Mdu aka Trap and more made sure to produce best hit songs and album..yooh yi film le”

“You guys are awarding people like Riky Rick & Uncle Vinny who are just riding the wave and sidelining artists like Gaba Canal, Jaivane, Kevin Momo, Njelic. This genre will die soon because you choose to appreciate wave riders and not the root of the genre”

“Where is Pabi Cooper and Uncle Vinny going via #Amapiano awards mara and Where is Njelic, Killer Kau, Mdu aka Trp, ATK Musiq, TMan Xpress, Kelvin Momo & Babalwa !?”

“No ways If Kelvin Momo, Gaba Cannal, MDU a.k.a, Jaivane etc aren’t here then please respectfully delete and cancel this joke! This isn’t even about Amapiano but trendy Instagram DJ’s and Jika Ma Jika. Mi Casa? Riky Rick? Uncle Vinny? But the pioneers aren’t on here? Nxa”

What do you think of the nominations? Are they fair?

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