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EFF leader Julius Malema blasts President Ramaphosa – He is manipulating COVID-19 numbers

EFF leader Julius Malema blasts President Ramaphosa – He is manipulating COVID-19 numbers

EFF leader Julius Malema has called for an investigation into the Covid-19 figures in South Africa, as the current numbers are not true.

Malema was speaking on Sunday when the EFF celebrated its seventh anniversary. He said the increase in Covid-19 figures in the country was due to the president pulling a white guitar.

South Africa has the fifth-highest amount of cases in the world, but deaths are relatively low in comparison. President Ramaphosa has used the mortality rate of this country – just under 1.5% – as a silver lining to the horrors of coronavirus, as it is three times smaller than the global average. Julius Malema, however, believes the numbers have been cooked – dragging both the government and Western Cape into a war of words:

“We wish to caution the country not to be hypnotized by Ramaphosa’s claims that South Africa has one of the world’s lowest mortality rates as a result of COVID-19. The South African Medical Research Council has reported a 59% increase in mortalities recorded as natural deaths in South Africa during this period.”

“There’s been an under-recording of COVID-19 deaths. This is not difficult to believe considering the recording of COVID-19 data is being handled by politicians. figures are being manipulated by National Govt and the Western Cape Govt. to give the impression that the South African government is doing a good job.”

– Julius Malema

The EFF leader also had some pretty feisty opinions on the closure of schools. All classroom activity will be suspended next week, but Julius Malema says the head of state is merely ‘putting on a show’:

“Ramaphosa closes schools as a publicity stunt, based on fear instead of science. Typical of him, and his lack of being able to assess the behaviour of this pandemic, he chose to close schools for three weeks, and one week for matriculants, without any evidence that there’ll be a decrease in cases and deaths by that time.”

“Ramaphosa’s government has not used the opportunity provided by the lockdown to distribute digital learning materials to public schools, and develop adequate infrastructure and this must prove to us that this government no longer has the capacity to lead this country.”

-Julius Malema

He also blamed those who did not see the work the EFF has done since its inception.

He spoke of the things his party did to benefit the country’s low-income people:

-Proposing that the land be confiscated and given to its owners without compensation.

-Protecting the office of the Public Protector who is constantly being attacked “unfairly”.

-Helping students enroll in universities at a time when they were supposed to enroll only through the internet, combating violence against women and much more.

Malema accused former president Jacob Zuma of selling the country for a plate of food.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has accused him of selling the country for a glass of wine.

“We worked hard to form a group. This is a group of security guards, as well as lower level workers, ”said Malema.

He said today the group had disappointed many who thought it would not cover the years it had been in existence.

“We have never let down so many South Africans. In the future we will still work for the children of the continent who are struggling, ”he said.

He blamed the arrival of whites in the country in 1652, which was what ruined the lives of black people, treating them as imperfect.

“They came to create the impression that only whites can govern the country,” he said.

He blamed the ruling party for the use of capitalism, saying it had already formed parties within it to indulge in taxpayers’ money.

According to Malema, the administration of the democratic government has led to racial inequality in the country.

He blamed the government for failing to manage hospitals properly as health appeared to be deteriorating.

What is clear, he said, is that infrastructure continues to help whites but blacks are still struggling.

“In the future, we want the same for the whole of Africa, not for the Western world,” he said.

He accused the African Union of being a useless statue.

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