Exclusive: Goldmax On Polo, Music Saved Me And Distruction Boyz

Exclusive: Goldmax On Polo, Music Saved Me And Distruction Boyz

Zipho “Goldmax” Mthembu earned international fame as one of the popular gqom duo, Distruction Boyz. However, the producer-DJ has used 2020 to branch out and explore what Goldmax, the solo artist sounds like. In an exclusive interview with Zalebs, Goldmax lets us into his upcoming single, the release of his debut solo album, and finally publicly addresses the suggestion of the end of Distruction Boyz.

The producer DJ released his first single earlier this year with “Mhkuleko Womama,” featuring Blvckbird. The song was just the perfect debut solo single as it made it clear that his solo journey is sanctified. He followed with the second single that was accompanied with visuals titled “Iphupho Lami,” featuring Skyewanda and Musada.

Goldmax has released the third single from his album, “Music Saved Me” titled “Polo,” featuring Khumz, Skillz and Madanon. The single which he proclaimed as the song of the year, not only is significant because it marks the availability of the album but because of his love for the brand.

Speaking on why he has an affinity for Vrr-Pha he stated that, “You know that car flies. And it is the only car that gets you into trouble if you know what I mean (laughs).”

And Goldmax is taking his love for the brand to the next level with his upcoming activation. For the past week on Instagram, Goldmax has been prompting his event in support of the album release. The producer is set to host a convoy of VW Polos that is set to shake Durban. The party is set to end with an album release party in the heart of Durban.

Speaking on the album, Goldmax assured fans that he is exploring different house sub-genres, despite garnering popularity as one of the pioneers of gqom. The album is set to be a plethora of house sounds.

On the reasoning, Goldmax stated that, “I am a producer and I wanted to show that I can do more than just gqom. The album is the first one that I get to produce all the songs myself and showcase that I can produce other sounds.”

So if you are wondering, what you can expect. Goldmax teased by saying, “I can say that people can expect good music. Very inspirational music, because my album is more than just a vibe. I have music that talks to the heart. So people can expect a little bit of everything on my album. So if you want to dance to you too.”

And if you were wondering if this marks the end of Distruction Boyz, Goldmax spoke to the rumors and laid them to rest.

In his words, “Que and I know that, yes we are always going to be Distruction Boyz. But he likes different music, and so do I. So we decided to let us release our solo projects, but we will come back together. People can expect something different- big when we reunite. We have big features as Distruction Boyz like Davido and Diplo.”

However, right now Goldmax is optimizing for running solo. Therefore, the advice is to get his album, “Music Saved Me,” and celebrate Goldmax the producer and DJ’s exploration of his own sound.

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