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Exclusive Interview: Tshepi EsS Returning To Radio And What To Expect!

 Tshepi EsS Returning To Radio And What To Expect!

Radio in Bots just got more exciting following the return of former Yarona FM drive time host, Tshepi esS to the airwaves! Popularly known as Tha esS, Tshepi returns from her hiatus after a successful 5 year run with the station – they parted ways in early 2017.

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She’s been on the airwaves at RB2 since April this year. Tshepi eSs is the new voice of the RB2 Top40 every Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm, which she took over from Ms GeeKays. She also hosts The Before Breakfast Show on Thursdays and Fridays between 3 am and 6 am

Chatting to us recently, Tshepi, who’s a mother, wife and a businesswoman, opened up about being back on the radio after such a long time, what she brings this time around, the Covid10 pandemic and much more.

Being back on radio
“Being back on the radio is absolutely amazing.” She says. “Three years off air felt like an eternity! Radio is an escape for me too as a presenter!”

What she’ll be bringing to radio
The talented broadcaster revealed that she’ll be more of herself this time around. “I’ll be bringing a bit more of a personal edge to what I talk about… business, relationships etc.”

Keeping busy during the pandemic
The Covid19 pandemic has affected the livelihoods of some many people across the globe and it was no different for Tshepi. “The pandemic really forced me to be innovative with my businesses and really tap into that young creative side of me that has been dormant for some years now.”

The pandemic forced her events business to shut down, however, she’s still remaining positive. “COVID basically forced my businesses to shut down. Especially the event side of things. We lost 50% of our income and it’s been really hard.”She adds, “Right now all I’m trying to do is keep my head above the water so at least business can still be in existence on the other side of this mess.”

This time she is unapologetic

She is back and she is better than ever! “The real me is coming out now. Unapologetic and unashamed.”Shared an inspired Tshepi EsS. “Previously I felt I had to be a certain persona to impress the market then. But now I’m raw, older and comfortable to be myself fully.”

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