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Fans thinks AKA is ‘trying to steal Cassper’s spotlight’ with Bhovamania release

Fans thinks AKA is ‘trying to steal Cassper’s spotlight’ with Bhovamania release

Tweeps belonging to Team Megacy and Team Mufasa have again managed to refuel the ongoing rivalry between rappers AKA and Cassper after AKA revealed he has projects that could be dropping in the next few weeks.

The beef was reheated between the fan bases when AKA took to Twitter to share an update regarding his upcoming projects, which include a much-anticipated project and associated merchandise.

“Bhovamania merch is in manufacturing and I’m getting the first samples back on Friday. Colours look insane and the quality is out of this world. I’m actually wearing a plain unprinted hoodie today.”

And: “Bhovamania project is 100% finished. All verses recorded. All separates and arrangements done. All that’s left to do is the mixing process,” AKA announced.

While his update may have been “innocent”, it seemed awfully convenient for Cassper’s fans, who are looking forward to their idol’s new album, Any Minute Now, dropping on September 11.

Cassper fans tweeted that their fav may have been correct to say other rappers may sabotage his release.

It didn’t help that AKA’s fans were busy adding fuel to the fire, especially after he also announced he will be dropping a music video sometime “next week”.

Here are some of the tweets from fans who clearly live for the beef and its drama.

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