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Florence Masebe slams tribalism as KFC gets dragged for ‘mocking Tsonga culture’

Florence Masebe slams tribalism as KFC gets dragged for ‘mocking Tsonga culture’

As social media users lambaste KFC for allegedly “mocking” Tsonga people in a recent tweet, veteran actress Florence Masebe has slammed those who hide hurtful comments about other cultures behind jokes.

The popular fast food chain topped the Twitter trends list on Monday after posting a snap of contestants on Family Feud SA, of which it is a sponsor, dressed in traditional clothing. It captioned the picture: “When you can’t decide on a colour, so you wear all of them.”

While some saw it as a hilarious post celebrating Heritage Month, others saw it as a dig at Tsonga culture.

KFC responded to the backlash, deleting the tweet and apologising for any offence caused.

“We have deleted the tweet as it was not our intention to offend anyone. We agree that it was not thought through. While it intended to be humorous off the back of our Family Feud SA sponsorship, we respect every culture in Mzansi and we apologise,” the company told followers on Twitter.

Still, users threatened to “cancel” the company for the offensive tweet and called on others to boycott the restaurant.

This led to a fierce debate about whether people were right to be offended by the post, or should just “get a sense of humour”.

Florence stepped into the debate and made it clear that she was not here for anyone who tried to pass off nasty comments as jokes.

“Stop questioning people’s sense of humour when you get called out on your problematic statements. Tribalism is not a joke,” she said.

Award-winning screenwriter Phathu Makwarela also predicted that it would all “end in tears”.

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