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Focalistic To Throw In The Towel?

Focalistic To Throw In The Towel?

Focalistic is the latest celebrity to speak about how vile and unnecessary Twitter is and he has hinted at dumping the app. The star is also fed up with people comparing him with Cassper Nyovest, with intentions of causing beef between them.

The Amapiano star who has nicknamed himself Pitori Maradona, has contemplated deleting Twitter for good because of the negativity surrounding it. Especially towards him as trolls are forever ready to attack the star.

It all started when Focalistic expressed how he hates doing interviews because everything gets taken out of context and he gets misquoted. He advised his fans that if they want to hear what he has to say, they should just wait for his upcoming album Sghubu Ses Excellent 2.

“I have stopped doing interviews because everything gets taken out of context and people enjoy making jokes more than making sense these days …If you want to hear what I think … wait for SGHUBU SES EXCELLENT 2,” he said.

He then added that he only wants to make music and nothing else, “I came here for the music & nothing else…I never wanted to be famous. This thing of people asking me questions and changing my response is new to me … I never knew how to react, so the best way is to never speak! ENJOY THE MUSIC. My team probably gonna delete these tweets

Cassper also shared the same thing with his followers which frustrated him. Foca said he had this conversation with Cassper before and it seems as though Cassper’s wish is for Foca to clap back but he says he cannot. As a man who lives his own life, in his own lane with no scandals, Focalistic says he only wants to make lots of money and live his own life privately.

“It’s funny how myself and Cass had this conversation 2 months ago… I told him I can not clap back, I wish I could… people always try make me fight him on here. I have NO BEEF .I HAVE NO GIRLFRIEND. I HAVE NO GENRE! We just make a lot of money as 18 area and tour LEFATSHE.”

Living his own life away from drama includes gracefully bowing out from the vile place that is Twitter.

“I’ve wanted to delete Twitter for the past 2 years. The only things that trend on here are negative news, it’s weird for me. I’m just a broer who enjoys making music dawg. I don’t have scandals, I like music and my friends. You guys want tea (drama) every day,” he tweeted.

Cassper was accused of being jealous of Focalistic before. Nota Baloyi said “We “the SA Hip-hop” community came together to get Capper from the Dome to FNB (stadium) and instead of him seeing how far we could get together, he instead wanted to act as if he got us there on his own, as though he didn’t need the Hip-hop community to progress in his career anymore. He thought he could do it without us,” he wrote.

“He was wrong and now he’s watching the Hip-hop community get behind Focalistic and the rest of the new school, which makes him jealous, because he can’t stand not being the centre of attention. His fragile ego is something he needs to deal with. You can’t help him. Don’t even try. You can always trust him to always want to make himself the pathetic victim like he’s doing again now. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let him confuse you.”

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