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Former Miss SA’s Baby Has Gone Blind

Former Miss SA’s Baby Has Gone Blind

The former Miss SA of 2018 has opened up about what her family is currently going through.

She took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news. She said, “In a short space of time, literally 7days our baby boy went permanently blind in both eyes.
He has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Retinal Detachment. An irreversible condition

“We noticed him bumping into objects, struggling to play fetch and generally appearing more on edge. Later he developed a swollen right eye. We took him for a full exam and received the bad news.

Eye drops were not sufficient to manage the pain and discomfort anymore and the last option was to remove the one troubling eye. Oreo is my baby and my heart breaks for him. I’m sure other animal lovers can relate, that if possible we’ll go to the ends of the earth for them.

“Currently, he is adapting after his eye surgery. We’re praying that he finds his happy place again”

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People took to the comments section to share in on the pain. These were some of the reactions:

@itsmecourt_ney said, “💔💔💔 It’s absolutely heartbreaking. sending Oreo so much love. My Chihuahua is in heart failure and we were told to make the rest of his days comfortable 😭💔”

@abrooklynwinter said, “Oh no! Hoping he makes a speedy recovery. Sending all my love ❤️”

@forever_mabel__said, “So sorry😢 I lost a dog when I was 12, and 27 now, still haven’t gotten over it and I still refuse to have another dog😭”

@ranyyygg said, “I’m so sorry Tam, I hope he recovers and adapts soon…❤️”

@denealb said, “Sending you all so much love and praying that Oreo’s healing will be smooth and pain-free ❤️🙏❤️”

@the_carpenters_daughter said, “This is soo sad. Praying he heals and adapts sooner ❤️Sending love and 🤗”

@raeesajones said, “Hai shame my love 😢😢😢I’m so sorry to hear… I had complete anxiety when Jax started fitting and wasn’t his barking self…I can only relate and I hope he gets to his old self real quick 😢 sending you and ze so much love ❤️”

@symispice said, “Ah ❤️‍🩹✨thinking of you and Oreo. Our pup went blind too and you will be so surprised how resilient and how quickly he will adapt. His sister will help too and he will be okay. Lots of love”

@carrynunderhill said, “He will adapt… My parents have a blind cat and she is very independent, carries on like a normal seeing cat ❤️”

@shani.koen said, “This is so so sad 😢 I’m so sorry for little Oreo. Good news is that they are SO adaptable. My little one also had to get her one eye removed. It’s heartbreaking to see them in pain. 😣 I pray for a speedy recovery for Oreo and lots of strength for you”

We wish Oreo a speedy adaptation. We have seen how Phumeza Mdabe has been cheering her son on as he adapted to living as a blind child.

Three months ago Phumeza shared a heartbreaking story on Twitter about how she had to break it down to her son that he would never be able to see again. 7-year-old Mpilo had his eyes removed after being diagnosed with cancer. Yearly, Mpilo has to get new prosthetic eyes and on the 29th of April, he got a new set of eyes fitted.

“Mpilo is getting new prosthetic eyes fitted soon, he screamed and said, ‘I’m gonna see like everyone else.’ I had to explain that he will never have vision again while a lump sat in my throat and trying my best for him not to hear me crying. This journey isn’t easy at all,” she tweeted.

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