‘Generations’ actress Danica Jones mistaken for Pearl Thusi

‘Generations’ actress Danica Jones mistaken for Pearl Thusi

Cape Town actress Danica Jones has been mistaken for being Pearl Thusi.

Jones who plays a bisexual character named Tamryn on “Generation: The Legacy” took to Twitter recently to clear up the confusion.

Apparently tweeps had been messaging her asking if she was either Pearl Thusi or related to the “Queen Sono“ star.

While the two women do have similar features, Jones said in her 14 second video: “Hi guys, so to answer all the messages that I’ve been getting… no I am not related to Pearl Thusi nor am I Pearl Thusi. My name is Danica Jones”, she said.

Some fans still think both actresses are somehow related.

@MatshidisoBella said: “You really do look like Pearl. It’s amazing how y’all really look alike and the voices too. You ain’t convincing sis… Somebody knows something”.

While @Angelleshwala said: “You Look together though!!! Umuhle!”.

Jones has been on the local soapie for a few months now.

She has also acted in the feature film “Aya” which is currently showing on Showmax.

“Aya” is a story of human trafficking in South Africa. Jones plays Aya, the film’s lead role and namesake.

Filmmaker, Khalid El-Jelailati that tells the story of a young, beautiful, naïve woman who, after an innocent exchange of chats online, agrees to meet for a date with the charming guy on the other side of the promising texts. Drugged within minutes of meeting Bayode, Aya succumbs to hours and hours of torment and torture at the hands of her capturer.

Jones’ portrayal of Aya is impeccable and while not many words are exchanged, her kicks and screams are more than enough to get viewers hooked within the first few minutes.

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