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Getting To Know Talented Actor Paballo Koza

Getting To Know Talented Actor Paballo Koza

Budding actor Paballo Koza, has captured the hearts of many people in the country with his exceptional acting talent.

The actor who portrays the character of Khaya on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, is no stranger to our television screens, became a household name when he appeared on the Mr Muscle commercial back in 2007, and it catapulted his career to even greater heights.

Paballo has starred on multiple shows including Thola, Rhythm City, The Queen and Housekeepers and he is clearly a storm that’s rising. ZAlebs recently caught up with the 18 year old as he shares some deets on his rise to stardom and how he shot fame at the tender age of 5.

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Paballo who was born and bred in Johannesburg says acting has always been his dream and he was inspired by the late Morning Live presenter Vuyo Mbuli and Leanne. He says his late grandmother assisted him to sign to an agency which got him the commercial role.

“My late maternal grandmother, Seipati Shabiso, would always tell me stories of how I spent hours watching TV. I’d also often recreate what I saw. I would not leave the house until I saw Morning Live with Leanne and the late Vuyo as well as the weather with Margot. It was then that my granny saw that I have a strong interest in acting, then helped me achieve that dream,” he says.

The young actor has worked alongside South Africa’s seasoned actors including the likes of Connie Ferguson, and he says it’s breathtaking working with them.

“It’s honestly so surreal. The fact that I got the opportunity to work with the amazing people I’ve watched and admired for years is breathtaking. I’ve received wonderful advice from them and also incredible tips on how to grow and improve, which I cherish dearly.” says Paballo.

Paballo, who has been famous from the tender age of 5, says he does not consider himself as a celebrity.

“I don’t consider myself a ‘celebrity’ but recognition comes with the job, I guess. I love meeting and interacting with people who love me for the work that I do. I don’t take they’re kind gestures for granted.”

The actor says nothing has changed pre-school until now because he is still the same person he was when he started, and he does not require any special treatment.

Paballo says his family is very supportive towards his career and they help him to juggle both work and school.

“My parents have always emphasized that school has the number one priority. So I’d usually have to film after school, during weekends or school holidays. The production would hire a tutor or a childminder and my parent would come with me to set until I was old enough to juggle the two.”

Paballo says this year he is hard at work focusing on his matric to achieve great results. He says is determined to keep exploring his gifts and talents.

“I dedicate my time to school, especially this year being a matriculant. In my free time I spend time with family and friends, watch TV, play video games, make YouTube videos.”

The young actor who is also a Youtuber says he loves making videos during his pare time, because it gives him an opportunity to showcase his versatility.

“I really enjoy making YouTube videos. It gives me an opportunity to direct, become a director of photography, an editor and a producer! It’s also great because people who follow me get to see who I am, because they only see me on screen as another character.”

Paballo who is in matric says he is focusing more on school this year, and production companies helped him with his shooting schedule so that it won’t affect his schooling.

“I’ve filmed a couple of productions this year. The production companies were understanding and created a schedule that wouldn’t conflict with my schooling,” he adds.

It is no secret that Paballo has managed to carve out a remarkable career in the industry already, and he says he would like to spread his wings after matric. “I really love the film and television industry and would like to grow and further expand within the world of visual storytelling. There’s no limit.”

As much as his job is very challenging Paballo says he learns a lot from the heavyweight of the acting game. He says after matric he would like to grow and further expand within the world of visual storytelling because there’s no limit for him.

The 18 year old says he can encourage other people to pursue a career in acting because you can make a living out of it.

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