Gigi’s Hilarious Response To Marriage Pressures

Gigi’s Hilarious Response To Marriage Pressures

Gigi Lamayne has shared a hilarious video where she addresses the ‘very annoying’ question on when is she getting married. Judging by the skit, the rapper has had her fair share of that ‘rude’ question being thrown at her.

She has decided to respond to those questions in a video on Instagram, expressing her frustration over such meddling, leaving many in stitches with her video.

“This ‘Getting married thing is annoying,” she captioned her video. In the video she is asked about her age, and she responds with “20-something.” The rapper goes on about her night life and enjoying her youth, but all of that is disrupted by an old woman’s voice who asks when is she getting married.

Before the video ends, Gigi then talks about popping champagne, which is followed by a rude, “when are you popping champagne on your wedding” question.

Gigi is currently in her prime as her career is souring, however she has managed to keep her private life, private. The independent rapper has always been focused on achieving beyond her dreams, however she is proud is proud of her progress.

An aspect of her private life that she has been very open about is depression, revealing that in 2019 she fell into depression but has since made progress.

She had posted a very cryptic tweet but later deleted it when people started to worry about her.

After being confirmed to be hospitalised, Gigi gave her followers an ounce of hope that she recovered, writing “Depression won’t win.”

Gigi Lamayne is not the only ZAleb who has opened up about the frustration and unecessary pressure people put on women to settle down, have kids and get married.

A few months ago, Ntsiki Mazwai also addressed such saying she will not be getting married nor is she planning on having kids. She has been targeted for her lack of romance and not having any kids to keep her off social media.

The poet has always been trolled by people on social media asking her when is she getting a man and settling down. These insults have been hurled at her every time she touches a nerve and says something controversial.

The thick-skinned Ntsiki has never addressed any of the insults however in a random tweet she let it be known that she has no interest in settling down.

“Guys I don’t pray for a husband and kids……it’s not a

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