Ginimbi Accused Of Using Dark Magic To Gain Wealth

Ginimbi Accused Of Using Dark Magic To Gain Wealth

Fallen businessman Genius Kadungure’s wealth has been scrutinized after author Jackie Phamatse went on Instagram Live and revealed all the dark dirty secrets of the famous and wealthy.

It seems what we may believe is all hard-work from our beloved celebrities actually isn’t but a series of brutal rituals that are performed to attain wealth.

Jackie painted a very graphic and disturbing picture about the dark world, which many prominent and powerful people throw themselves in. The former slay-queen accused a few celebrities, influencers and ordinary people who work ordinary jobs and who don’t get compensated much but seem to have all the money to live rich and lavish lifestyles.

Many were lead to believe this message was also directed at Ginimbi who was very wealthy. She alleges that people who have sold their souls for money often times know when their demise will be met. It was revealed that Ginimbi had bought his own coffin four weeks before his tragic death.

Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure passed away during a car accident along with his three friends who were burnt to death, beyond recognition.

Jackie was supposed to have shot a second video where she focuses on Ginimbi specifically along with a traditional healer but that was unsuccessful. She had informed people after waiting for more than 5 hours that the healer received threats hence going MIA.

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