Ginimbi’s Funeral Program Revealed

Ginimbi’s Funeral Program Revealed

Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure along with his friends, Michelle “Moana” Umali, Lumumba Karim and Alichia Adams, passed away on Sunday. There have been speculations about their burial plans but a family member of Ginimbi has laid to rest some of the rumours.

Ginimbi’s friends and family have completely different ideas on how he should be buried. His friends want to give him a funeral that was in line with the life he had lived. Hence the rumours of an all-white funeral. Meanwhile, his family wants to stick to the traditional route.

The socialite’s brother announced that there will be no dress code for the funeral and people could dress however they liked. He also added that a coffin was being imported from South Africa and had arrived. The all-white celebration will thereafter take place when the church service has been concluded.

The final funeral program has been released and it’s scheduled as follows:

13:00 – Doves Church Service: Maximum of 40 people
13:30 – Convoy around town then Domboshava
15:30 – Arrival in Domboshava
16:30 – Church service in the main tent
18:00 – All white celebrations at the main tent
03:00 Finish all-white celebration

09:00 – Service starts
Opening prayer
Welcome message/Introductions
•Chief’s headman
•The brother’s sister

13:30 – End of service
14:00 – Burial

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