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Gogo Maweni From Izangoma Zodumo Says She Is Not A Witch

Gogo Maweni From Izangoma Zodumo Says She Is Not A Witch

A new Mzansi Magic show called Izangoma Zodumo has been scrutinized for it’s derogatory and very transparent world of traditional healing, leaving Mzansi highly unimpressed.
Ever since the new show, Izangoma Zodumo premiered on Mzansi Magic, it has been a topic of discussion and has caused a difference on views because of the sacredness of the custom. Some are applauding the producers of the show, some feel that it is blasphemy to have it on air.

The latest episode which aired on Thursday saw Makgotso ‘Gogo Maweni’ Makopo revealing that she has the powers to ‘bewitch’ people if she felt like it. This left many to question what exactly are the intentions with the show.
Speaking to TshisaLive, Gogo Maweni defended her comments and advised people to listen more and not jump into conclusions. She started off by sating she did not want to become a sangoma because of the stereotypes which surrounded them but had to eventually accept her calling because her son got really ill and was left with no choice.

Touching on THAT witchcraft comment she said that Gogo Maweni can do it, not that she does it.

“I said Gogo Maweni knows how to bewitch people. I never said I do. Listening is a skill and not all of us acquire it. It’s not my job to make you comfortable, I’m not about that life I said, ‘I can do. I don’t do.’ It’s not like I’m saying I do it all the time,” she said.

She further defended herself by saying clients who have been victims of witchcraft come to her and she had to learn how it was done, “How do you treat something you don’t know how to create?”
The backlash she received was a lot with some other people frightened to even comment because of the startling revelations she made.

Clearly Moonchild Sanelly is a fan, “#izangomazodumo is lit a and so realistic about people being people!
Young and fun!!!
If I was physically practicing, I’d be the coolest!!! I’d definitely get backlash but I wouldn’t care just like now!!! I know rock and roll thwasaz!!! It’s just on tv now!

Gigi Lamayne went on a full on rant, sharing the same sentiments as Ntsiki Mazwai slamming the show for not respecting the sacred practice of traditional healing.

“So wait, ancestors love and want the attention and clout on these tv shows ?? I’m sorry, maybe I don’t understand. I know there is awareness but then there is just plain clout. This is sacred. This must be treated with care and discretion. Thoughts? ”
“I saw this lady say plain outright that she can bewitch people if she wants. At the same time you’re healing ? How does this world collide? It’s a great talking point but let’s not forget to respect abadala.

“They are not ornaments or tools to be used to make money and attract attention into a world of fabricated content. I’m a nobody but this has been bothering me. I don’t mind the readings. For me that’s awareness. We learn. We are interested to know more about our roots. Symbolism, tradition, culture. But why are we being shown abantu abathwasayo or glam ? There is a viewers lens then there is just things we should not be seeing.”
“If it’s acting on a soapie, let it be that. But reality shows? I don’t know everything but I do know that this according to teachings from our elders is sacred. What happens ephehlweni stays there. It’s like giving a medical degree course to patients on tv. Hayi kanje.”

“Then we find freak accidents happening because people saw something to do with vinegar on tv. Teach the youth that this gift is powerful. It’s valued. It’s discreet. It’s beautiful. I’m bewildered. Teach them to connect. This isn’t a glamorous life. It’s a spiritual one.”

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