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Gomora: Connie Chiume Praised For Her Acting

Gomora: Connie Chiume Praised For Her Acting

Actress Connie Chiume is one of Mzansi’s most-talented and decorated actresses. She currently plays crooked mother and tavern owner, Mam Sonto on Gomora Mzansi. She uses her business as a cover-up for her car highjacking business.

If you’ve been following Gomora since its inception you’ll know that Mam Sonto had a hand in the killing of her daughter Thati’s husband Mbongei. After thinking that she jumped the gun, came a new detective in town by the name of Mahlasela and he’s dug up new evidence that links Sonto to the murder case. Mahlasela has been working with Sonto’s daughter Thati to get her husband the justice he deserves.

Connie Chiume’s character has caught wind of this and was tempted to kill her own daughter as she’s been helping the police with the case.

Cornered into killing her own flesh and blood, Sonto took to prayer to seek guidance on whether or not to kill her daughter, and fans were left impressed with her onscreen performance.

Viewers of the drama took to Twitter to show some appreciation for Connie Chiume. Check out some of the tweets below.

Mam Connie Chiume is one of the country’s most-decorated television stars. She’s starred in popular soapies such as Zone 14 as the heartless Mam Stella, Rhythm City as Mam Kete, and now Gomora Mzansi as fan-favorite Mam Sonto. The actress is also one of the few South African actors to star in Marvel’s Black Panther in 2018. She also starred in Beyonce’s Black Is King more recently.

Back in August, the actress underwent a successful eye operation and took to social media to ask fans for her prayers before undergoing an operation. After the operation she gave them an update, letting them know that it went well. “I don’t know how many of you watched my IG live on Sunday but for those that didn’t, I’m going in for an eye operation this morning, please keep me in your prayers,” she wrote.

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