Here’s How Much Boity Is Demanding From Bujy

Here’s How Much Boity Is Demanding From Bujy

After spending days in police custody Bujy Bikwa is finally getting the chance to tell his side of the story. But he is probably doing more damage as people are poking holes in his two statements which are very dissimilar from each other.

Speaking to the media, Bujy revealed that Boity is demanding R1 million from him. He told TshisaLive that Boity sent a letter of demand and he feels it is a bit unfair because they are both at fault.

“I need to take accountability for her scars but now, she opened a case, I got arrested…the worst part is that she sent a letter demanding R1m and I’m just like, so you don’t want to resolve this. Where will I get R1m when both of us are at fault?” he asked.

Bujy had released two statements yesterday but had to delete one following backlash. His Instagram comments section is flooded by people who want him behind bars and hurl insults at him.

thickleeyonce: YOU MUST ROT IN JAIL!!!!!!

lilly_mtimomuhle: Guys we should post on every brand page that he is aligned with and call for him to be fired please.

lesego26: Cancel this guy!!! Where does he work! He needs to lose his job!!!!!

rubby_ropzen: Lost all my respect for this guy after he brutally hit Boity with a bottle. Honestly he deserves jail after what he did.

simnikiwemagewu: You really ought to be quite ashamed of yourself. There is no excuse. What beasty behaviour. Sure case you’ve been itching to hurt the poor lady. Sticks and stones can break my bones but words won’t hurt me.

In his now deleted statement, Bujy said Boity insulted him, his surname and told him that he is nothing. “I was verbally abused and told that my surname has no relation to who I am and because of that, that is why my career is going nowhere in terms of growth, in fact, “what is it that I do in the media industry because I am actually nothing!” he said.

Bujy reveals he too was physically assaulted, “being kicked and punched while being told that “I am a man, I am a man,” I must take it. The pain of suffering of having to let a woman abuse me verbally and physically while trying to contain myself and holding her hands to stop was not enough until witnesses managed to defuse the situation. That did not make matters subtle, as it was continued that I was insulted.”

Bujy then said he too suffered injuries due to the assault, “I have been accused of GBV which in no way sits well with me as I have been labeled as an abuser…and after being in pain from the injuries I sustained for 7 days, being held in police custody, I have received medical attention and have filled my medical records towards my counter case.”

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