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“I Almost Died”

“I Almost Died”

Actress Rami Chuene has opened up about what she went through after she got her COVID-19 jab.

The TV star said she almost died. she added that over 20 days later she is still suffering some of the symptoms including fatigue and headache

The former Muvhango star made it clear that she is not encouraging people to not get vaccinated.

She tweeted: “Long story short: I almost died. I had all the symptoms, losing my mind, calling @dr_lovelee at 1 am.

“First 4-5 days were hell. Then it got better. 26 days later I still have some symptoms, numbness in my arm, fatigue, headache, etc. Please, I’m not discouraging anyone to vaccinate. I know that had I got Covid-19, I wouldn’t have survived. No ways.”

Rami was responding to a tweep who asked people about their vaccine experiences.

@Mavumavu_91 had tweeted: ” People who have gotten vaccinated please share your experience so we can retweet. Aggressively. The narrative of unconfirmed disproportionate horror stories is flooding the socials and it’s causing a lot of hesitancy.”

Other Twitter users also shared their experiences.
@Gailfwind responded: “I was so disappointed when I found that coins could not stick to my arm like all those videos we saw…Vaccinated in May and all I had was a headache for a few hours then nothing ever since.”

Rachel: “I joined the Moderna trials in the spring of 2020 and have also been part of the booster study since February. I felt tired after the 2nd and 3rd doses along with a headache, but it sure beats being sick in an ICU. When people say there isn’t data they are wrong. I’m the data.”

Rami recently celebrated her 46th birthday. Taking to Instagram, the actress reminded fans to love and be mindful during these pandemic times.

She wrote: “I am so overwhelmed. One minute we’re celebrating life, the next, death strikes and we mourn. What a confusing time. It’s been difficult trying to focus only on the good because our hearts have been through so much turmoil. And yet, through faith and hope we are reminded that all things- good and bad- work together for our good.”

She also encouraged her followers to remember the importance of life and to take care of themselves.

“There is so much we can still do, we have the power and the ability to do it. May we always remember what’s important in our lives- family, friends, our people. May we continue to be kind, loving, and mindful. While taking care of others, may we remember to take care of ourselves: take a walk, go for a run, eat well, indulge once in a while.”

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