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IN MEMES | Jub Jub’s new show splits Mzansi: Is this ‘Uyajola 99’ reloaded?

IN MEMES | Jub Jub’s new show splits Mzansi: Is this ‘Uyajola 99’ reloaded?

TV host Jub Jub unveiled his new reality TV show You Promised To Marry Me on Moja Love on Sunday, and it has already split Mzansi.

In Jub Jub’s latest project, the host and his team step in to help women who have been in a relationship with the same guy for years without getting a ring.

Participants write to the show in the hope that, with a little push from Jub Jub and his crew, the man in question will “finally do the right thing”. The kicker is that the “bride” shows up at the boyfriend’s house in a white wedding dress, with bridesmaids and a white Limo. Basically, ready to get hitched.

The show, which many accused of being scripted, felt a bit too similar to Uyajola 99. In fact, most people took to their social media to say that it felt like a new level of the confrontational reality show.

In last night’s debut episode, things went south after wannabe-bride Nqobile ended up losing both the guy she hoped would be her husband, and the boyfriend she had on the side. All the show did was release sis’ files and it seemed that she left with less than she came into the show with.

Fans had different feels about the whole thing.

Some knew for sure they would continue to tune in just for the drama, while other felt it only served to embarrass women and expose their obsession with marriage.

Check out the reactions below.

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