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Is Thembinkosi Ruining Linda’s Life?

Is Thembinkosi Ruining Linda’s Life?

The downside of being a famous actor/actress is that everyone takes everyone that happens in television soapies in the literal sense.

The storyline between Linda Mtoba’s Nomonde and Thembinkosi Mthembu’s Mabutho is keeping viewers glued to their screens whenever The River 1 Magic airs.

The two have fallen in love and are now Twitter’s favourite couple on TV, however, there’s a big catch. Mabutho was never honest to Nomonde about who he really is from the beginning. He’s been putting on a big front as this big shot businessman by the name of Mr Hadebe. He is now struggling to keep up with the high living standards he’s presented to Nomonde and has to come up with lies after lies to keep their relationship afloat. And that’s not even the best part about it – Nomonde is Tumi (Mabutho’s late wife)’s half-sister so automatically their relationship is taboo. Also, it’s only been a few months since Tumi passed on.

We’re all looking forward to how Nomonde and the Dikana’s react when they find out that Mr Hadebe in reality is Mabutho from Refiloe. Linda Mtoba recently took to Twitter to open up about the joys of family life, adding that her right now is how she dreamt it would be. However, a tweep was quick to spoil her party as he/she said that Linda’s husband isn’t that great as he is a mechanic. This person does not know that the people in television shows are acting.

Mtoba then shared this on her Instagram, tagged Thembinkosu and said that
he is ruining her life. We all know that her post is coming from a lighthearted place, however, some tweeps might not see it like that as we’ve seen not so long ago.

Anywho, no one has to worry about Mabutho coming in between Linda’s marriage. The actress and her husband recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. “I’m so happy with my life. My husband and I have been together 10 years this year and tomorrow is our 4th wedding anniversary. Thixo umuhle, I’ll never not express my gratitude,” said Linda.

“I can’t even articulate how dumbfounded I am every time people get upset about what I choose to show about my private life. There’s so much of me that I give & share. The one that’s closest to my heart, being the husband I want kept as my own & you feel I don’t deserve.”

She added that she prefers to keep her love life private. “How you think it’s ok to demand of me that I share what’s closest & dearest to me, is hurtful, to say the least. My husband isn’t in the public eye, he didn’t choose that. I did. He’s a part of my life I choose to “show” how I want to. Cause he’s such an important part of my life at that.”

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