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“It Has Been Hard For Me”

“It Has Been Hard For Me”

Award-winning musician Thandiswa Mazwai recently took to Instagram to open up about what she has been going through recently.

She said things have been difficult for her, but she chooses to believe that she is about to start a new chapter.

She wrote: “Rejuvenate. It has been hard for me. A lot of personal losses, old wounds reopened and what we would call ifu elimnyama, maru ka Sesotho have been hanging over so many of us.

“With lockdown, we have been forced to look only at ourselves and the worlds we have created around us. Confronting what seemed insurmountable pains. But on some days, like this one, I choose to believe I am at the beginning of a new chapter not wrapped up in an old trauma.

The legendary singer said she is giving herself a chance to enjoy her life and do the things that she loves.

“This is the beginning. So I give myself permission to indulge in good wine, good food, a good book, and a little tropical breeze. I give myself permission to unwind, loosen up ndinabe. It has been good. I feel a newness, a future self,” she concluded her lengthy post.

Responding to Thandiswa’s touching posts, @tsikinoski86 wrote: “Thank you for these uplifting words. Yazi we’re going through a looooot, but we soldier on. Like eagles, we shall rise and fly again. Camagu😍”

Another fan wrote: “Yes Thandiswa… this really resonates. The last 18 months have taken a heavy toll… we have to give ourselves space to recover if we are to keep fighting and face the future with freshness.”

A few weeks ago, Thandiswa opened up about how the pandemic has affected her.

“This pandemic has left many of us with no hope, no joy, no drive to do any of the things we used to love doing,” she tweeted.

She continued to say that she can’t talk about how she feels becuase “mamas don’t cry.”

She wrote: “I wish I could tell you how I’m really feeling but Kings apparently don’t cry, famous people have no right to moan and most importantly my daughter is on here. Mamas don’t cry either! So angazi!”.

@Azania_msutukaz responded, telling the singer that it is okay for her to express her emotions.

“Don’t ever do that to yourself. Kings cry and go as far as falling on their knees, famous people are not excluded from our existential crisis. Laika is 21 and a black womyn. She will understand. Love and light to you King.”

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