Izangoma Zodumo Cast Member React To Backlash

Izangoma Zodumo Cast Member React To Backlash

A new Mzansi Magic show which premiered on Wednesday, October 7 called Izangoma Zodumo left Ntsiki Mazwai and a whole lot of viewers highly unimpressed. The poet who is not afraid of stating her facts posted a scathing video where she slams the whole cast of the series as well as the producers, saying they blatantly disrespect African cultures.
“Izangoma Zodumo” is all about the lives of two traditional healers Prudence “Ngwe” Magagula and Makgotso “Gogo Maweni” Makopo. This show gains viewers access to the lives of these women who are both gobela’s (traditional healers and initiators.)

The season premiere received a whole lot of negative reviews from thousands of viewers who then signed the petition created by Ntsiki Mazwai to have the show canned. The petition which was created on Change.org has received 6000 signatures but seems to have been taken down.

“Mzansi magic: Stop a reality show that discriminates our African tradition and the traditional healing. – Sign the Petition!” she advised.

Speaking to Sowetan Live, Makgotso “Gogo Maweni” Makopo said people are jealous of their lifestyle as nothing warrants such hatred.
“What have we done? What warrants this backlash? It’s jealousy and jealousy is a disease,” she said. “This is my reality. People need to watch the first three episodes before forming an opinion and complaining. I respect my gift, I didn’t buy this gift and I lost a lot to be where I am today,” she told the publication.

Makopo says she wants to use this platform to educate rather than taint the whole tradition and change people’s perception that traditional healers are dirty and not well-groomed.

“There has been a lot of negative stereotypes when it comes to traditional healing. When I was growing up the portrayal was of people who are poor and dirty. I want to show that you can come from a good home and get the calling,” she added.
They were also criticized for speaking in a foreign language, English rather than their native languages. Makopo slammed those who look down on her for that and said she prefers to speak this language rather than make people comfortable.

Another traditional healer Phepsile Maseko told Sowetan Live that Izangoma Zodumo is most probably a reflection of how young people go about accepting their spirituality and living that life in conjunction with the one they know. She did warn though that if the content goes against an association then it will be exposed.

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) spokesperson confirmed that they received a number of complaints about the show: “I can confirm that we have received complaints but at this stage no specific complaint that we can consider. It cannot just be stated that the programme is disrespectful and discriminates African tradition and traditional healing. A prima facie case must be made out in terms of the Code of Conduct for Subscription Broadcasters. The complainants were informed of what was required when a complaint is lodged.”

Multichoice spokesperson Benedict Maaga defended the show by saying: “These characters were cast according to their true stories and the show does not mock nor disrespect anyone’s religious or spiritual practices, or any practicing Ubungoma, but shares stories in a refreshing and unapologetic style.”

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