Jackie Phamotse: I Said What I Said

Jackie Phamotse: I Said What I Said

Just when we all thought Bare author, Jackie Phamotse said a handful on her IG Live over a day ago, it appears there’s more.

Before heading to bed last night, Phamotse took to the gram to address the backlash she’s been getting from social media and her highly anticipated interview with Gogo.

“I said what I said!” She captioned her address. ” I can’t force someone to do a live’ when they feel threatened. I had to wait like everyone. It’s important to respect people and give them a fair chance. He doesn’t normally do live’s and this is way beyond hi, I truly tried guys.

She then went on to address everything in detail, on her IG TV.

“The messageS that I’ve been getting. Guys, please come down and please read my captions. I beg you.” She told her followers.

“I did specifically say it’s a taste of what we’re going to speak about. So relax, it’s going to happen. I’m going to give you all the details when it’s time because there’s a lot of threats.”

Jackie then revealed that a lot of people are very uncomfortable with the information she recently shared.

“People don’t want this to happen. A lot of people are very uncomfortable at this moment and I get it. It’s not a nice topic for a lot of people. It’s very taboo. It’s very close to home for some so stop blowing my DM’s up, stop calling and stop texting. I know what I’m doing.”

She asked her followers to be a bit more patient with her as she needs more time to prepare for the next IG Live as she’s come under fire.

“And I always take my time with things and I always prepare with things. So give me a moment. I like being prepared. So let me prepare so that it’s an insightful and meaningful conversation. It’s an education conversation and also a safe space for the guest. Because the harassment and the bullying is real.”

The controversial author wants the next conversation to be a bit more conversational.

“Give us time to align ourselves so that we give you a conversation that is meaningful. One that you will not necessarily disregard and you will learn something from it. Let other people do their lives and write letters.”

She assured everyone that she’s not phased by the threats as it’s nothing new to her. She’s just delaying so that the next conversation becomes even more impactful.

“I’m one person who is not shaken by a lot of things. You can say what you want, it’s all good. But what I want with this conversation is that I want it to be a conversation that really helps people. It didn’t start that IG Live to trigger people. Yes, the conversation is triggering because for some people it’s close to home but I want it to be educational, so I need to go back to the drawing board, analyse pick the right direction for the conversation and also make sure that my guest is comfortable.”

Watch the video from Jackie Phamotse below.

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