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Jackie Phamotse Pregnant?

Jackie Phamotse Pregnant?

Twitter users are convinced that award-winning author Jackie Phamotse is Pregnant. Jackie wrote “twins” followed by pregnant woman emoji on Twitter.

Tweeps have since shared their congratulatory messages in the comments section. Here are few reactions from Twitter.

Other great news from Jackie, her book titled “I Tweet What I like” was number one at Exclusive Books, she shared a picture on Instagram with a lengthy caption that read:

“Just go read! The world doesn’t need more panic. Life must go on! No one cares about how you feel, people have things to do and pity parties don’t grow anyone. Sorry but life must move. When all of this ends, you would have gained nothing because every day you sit and do nothing!

“Go lose weight, read, study, work, get a new skill! Do something man. We all see what’s happening but watching from the sidelines won’t help. Try to get into a positive routine. Study! You have wasted so much time already.”

She recently released another new book: “This story will blow you away! There is so much we are yet to discuss and celebrate. My heart is full. I’m so proud that we are starting a new chapter. New characters and a wide variety of topics to look into,” she wrote on Instagram.

Earlier this month, Jackie revealed that she will be releasing 5 books this year, 2 adults books, and 3 children books. She said all the books are called Liwa.

“Madame President, what’s on the educational agenda this year? Well, my fellow Africans, I value education so I will feed your minds; from the grassroots to the top of the food chain!

“This is the year of 5! I am releasing 5 books! 5!!!! Two adult books (books series) and a kids book series ( 3 books) they are all called Liwa! I will explain why soon! For now, start saving! We are coming for EVERYTHING! Cover models,” she tweeted.

Her other book scored her a Netflix deal, her controversial book titled Bare: The Blesser’s Games will soon be on our Netflix screens.

She previously revealed that she wants new talent only for her movie. Taking to Instagram she wrote: “Reading my movie manuscript is wild!!!! Seeing my name and Sabelo together is insane! This guy worked on all the SA hits on Netflix! How do I have him on my team! God, you heard my cries! I’m in disbelief man! Oh, still can’t say anything about auditions, etc I’m already in trouble.”

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