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Jazzi Q’s New Expensive Set Of Wheels

Jazzi Q’s New Expensive Set Of Wheels

Congratulations are in order for Amapiano star Jazzi Q who has just rewarded himself with a brand new car for his hard work The musician bought a VW Golf 7 R worth about R750 000 to R800 000. After showing off his new set of wheels, he paid tribute to his late friend Mpura. He played their track together on Instagram and tagged him.

Following the passing of Mpura, Killer Kau, Thado Tot and two other Amapiano stars – Everything SA Music shared a clip from an old interview they did with Jazzi Q. He opened up about his relationship with the late star. He described him as his brother.

“He is an entertainer. He is a clown. It’s just like when you are with your big brother or your baby sister or whatever. That’s like love. It’s not like we don’t speak to one another.”

The two of them met in high school and were both into fashion. This is before they started making music. “I met Mpura in high school actually. He was like my junior. He would always come to me and hang with me. Me and Mpura were like fashion bros.”

In the video shared, Jazzi Q also touched on his relationship with Lady Du.

“Lady Du, I met her via my old man’s mate. My old man came to me and told me that I need to help her out. I told him that I would but not now. We met like three or four years back and I called her last year when she was about to quit,” he said in part.

In a social media post that is now deleted, Lady Du revealed that she fell into depression following the passing of her friends.

“I’ve been through so much in my life, I’ve been depressed, suicidal, I survived all that, today as I lie in my bed crying I feel a pain that takes me to a dark place. I feel numb, weak, the toxic environment I’m entering is not good for my heart. I’m crying for my friends, I have to deal with toxic people, still have to smile and act brave. People telling me to ignore everything, how??”

She added that she was broken and slammed the music industry.

“All I know is writing songs and championing God, I pray a lot, I fast, I meditate but I haven’t even done it. Because telling people to pray now has become something else. I will be honest, I am broken, I am in pieces, If this is the price we pay to be In show biz, y’all can close my curtains. God knows my heart. I love hard, I ask all my friends to pray all the time. Today I ask God to clean our hearts.”

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