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‘John Vuli Gate’ viral stars fail to recapture the magic on TV

‘John Vuli Gate’ viral stars fail to recapture the magic on TV

Following the overnight success in Mzansi of “John Vuli Gate”, the girls behind the song going viral have been making TV appearances.

The amapiano song by Mapara A Jazz, featuring Ntosh Gaz and Colano, became the talk of the town after a video clip of a group of young women dancing to it went viral. However, the impromptu back-up dancers haven’t been able to recreate the magic on air.

Appearing on Mzansi Insider with Mapara A Jazz, the ladies tried to do a choreographed routine, but it failed to impress Twitter users.

“Worst in the world, where’s the energy???” asked @andile_mlacash.

“Hai it was better unexpected yaz,” commented @LockJawLvrney.

“Certain things can’t be rehearsed or repeated,” said @jordash_junior.

“So she’s straight up the Beyoncé of the group. haii no guys,” commented @ThabileMaseko6.

“Don’t remake a moment. Don’t,” said @theroristi.

They also made an appearance on the recent “Idols SA” showstopper episode where they were joined by the reality TV show’s contracted dancers.

The reception to that appearance was a bit better, but Mzansi was still divided on their performance.

“The problem started when the John vul igate ddnt arrive with the russian bear #IdolsSA,” said @Nkosikh46836964.

“#idolssa John Vula Gate and the girls are there,” commented @Laboss_njabsy.

“Is it just me or the ‘John Vuli Gate’ artist had the girls from the viral video on the SA Idols stage performing with him? If I’m right then I’m glad he’s sharing the moment with them ‘cause some of us wouldn’t have known the song had it not been for those girls,” said @Sifuwe_M.

“Those John Vul’gate huns are on Idols? there’s toooooo many people on that stage,” commented @Goitsibontle_.

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