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Katlego Maboe STD Revealed?

Katlego Maboe STD Revealed?

2020 may have just ended in tears for Katlego Maboe who has been exposed by his wife Monique Muller for his philandering ways, which have resulted in her getting infected in the crossfire with an STD (sexually transmitted disease) from Katlego, that has caused a complication with regards to her fertility.

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The Transmitted disease which Katlego passed on to his wife is known as (Human papillomavirus infection) HPV which has caused immense strain on their relationship and resulted in Monique’s public outburst.

According to reports, Katlego’s entanglement first began during a trip that was sponsored by Lays Chips to attend a EUFA champions league match.

Katlego, who was a brand ambassador for Lays at the time was also part of the group that travelled abroad, which is when according to Monique whom was 8 months pregnant at the time, Katlego came back a totally different man, resulting in Muller leaving the relationship.

When Monique moved back to her parents’ house, the pair began to work things out and eventually reconciled, however, in July this year Monique went to a Gynaecologist for an appointment which is when she discovered that she had HPV, a disease that can cause Cervical Cancer.

Monique has allegedly already sat down with a popular gossip YouTube show that will be airing soon, where she spilt some tea giving a clear background of how the relationship with her now estranged husband really is, and we are ready to sip it all up.

It is reported that Monique now has a protection order against Katlego and he is not allowed to visit the Seapoint flat In Cape Town that the family used to share.

The sun is slowly starting to shine again for Maboe as fans have recently been circulating a petition to bring the presenter back after his career took a sharp turn for the worst and was suspended from the Expresso show awaiting his investigation after claims of domestic abuse were also made by his family inlaws.


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