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Keke Mphuthi Celebrates Her Man

Keke Mphuthi Celebrates Her Man

Keke Mphuti is head over heels for her husband’s birthday. The actress shared a heartwarming post on Instagram dedicated to him today.

In a series of Instagram posts, Keke showered her man with love. She said she is grateful for him.

“To the coolest dad, My BESTFRIEND, a great son, protective brother & strict boss & most importantly my prayer buddy through it all. Happy birthday to you MONNA WAME keo rata ka pelo yaka kao fela . You chose to love me through it all n for that I’m forever grateful for this experience and abundance. Today ke kopa Molimo le balimo ba re fe bophelo for 60more years re godise bana ka lerato.

The couple jetted off to Cape Town in matching tracksuits. Keke said she has a lot planned for him.

“Hello CAPE TOWN!!! Issa parday today bathong…. Baby never expected what’s about to happen. The way this man carries me in his spirit, the way he protects me IVE NEVER FELT ANYTHING CLOSE TO THIS. God, I’m grateful and this is my gratitude of appreciation. TheLoversunlocked

” My thing is this… you make my heart skip a beat … A HEALTHY BEAT. Tonight’s mini-movie is just a sample of so much more to come BESTIE…FYI he was so smitten when I came home with matching tracksuits tsa @adidasza kante siya hamba babes first question was “HOW THOUGH Mosadi wame? how did you pull this one off” All Papa had to do was just get on that plane the rest was history. I said to him:” do you know my name san,”

The couple was blessed with a son a few years ago. In her recent Instagram post, she shared that fell into Postpartum Depression.

“Dear body, It’s me, your loyal and trusted friend…we have been through so much the past 30 years, however, the last two were very trying for us. After giving birth to the most amazingly beautiful little boy we fell into Postpartum Depression and really I didn’t know where to start.”

She said her journey has been difficult but she conquered.

“We were our heaviest, most scared n bumpiest we’d ever been. We did all kinds of things to get back into what we knew and loved but it was difficult to keep going especially cause I wasn’t healed psychologically…

“Thank you for trusting me with all the other trials n failed attempts but look at us now …Thriving BABY GIRL!!! We are still in this together and we are definitely growing stronger too. Our c-section, epidural side effects n mental state of mind tried to make this road seem impossible but we persevered to get the HELP we needed. Just know that I love you so much n I’ll never give up on you,” she wrote.

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