Kelly Khumalo on her reality show, Jub Jub being an absent dad and gender-based violence

Kelly Khumalo on her reality show, Jub Jub being an absent dad and gender-based violence

She’s always been an enigma to her fans and foes. As one of the most private celebrities with a not-so-shiny reputation, her life is always under scrutiny.

And now fans will get to see who Kelly Khumalo really is when she premieres her Showmax reality TV show, Life with Kelly Khumalo, on 6 August.

The award-winning singer will share more about her life than she has in the past, she told DJ Sbu on Massiv Metro.

“This is my reality,” Kelly said. “I have tried to be prim and proper, but I learnt I had to be true to myself and who I am. I’ve let myself go so that I am broad, and I grow bigger.”

Kelly said she goes into untouched corners of her life in the show.

“I open up about a lot of things. Like the father [Jub Jub] of my son [Christian], who I have been quiet about for so long.”

She said she raised 10-year-old Christian alone with the help of her family.

“He [Jub-Jub] has not made an effort at all,” she told DJ Sbu. “He doesn’t even want to fix things or to have a relationship with the child. He does not support the child, he doesn’t even know what school fees are and what sneakers cost.”

She isn’t painting all men with the same brush, she said, because she knows men are not the same.

While he [Jub-Jub] is that person, Thingo’s father [Senzo Meyiwa] was a present father until the last day. He was even a father to my son,” she said.

“It is important for a man to amend whatever issues you have with the mother of the child so you can move on.”

Nothing was off limits in the interview. Kelly also shared she often struggles with getting brand endorsements because her reputation has been tainted by all the bad publicity and she had to make that negative publicity work for her.

“With endorsements, you can’t be yourself. I have had so many negative stories and I wonder who will want me to be an ambassador. So, I decided to be a brand ambassador for myself and call the shots,” she told DJ Sbu.

In March, Kelly launched Controversy Gin, which has taught her a lot about business.

“I did not end up in this business intentionally. My focus has been on music, but I needed to leave a legacy for my children. Something to generate income when I am not onstage,” Kelly said.

“A gin company came with an offer I could not resist. It has been difficult but rewarding. Sometimes I sit in the boardroom and I do not understand a word of what has been said, but every day I learn.”

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