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Kelly Khumalo Wants To Help Solve Your Skin Problems

Kelly Khumalo Wants To Help Solve Your Skin Problems

Media personality Kelly Khumalo is proving that she is more than just a musician as she has entered the skin care industry. In partnership with V4VITALITY Aesthetics, she has created her very own, first of it’s kind, Kelly Khumalo Skin to help you take care of your skin problems.

Kelly Khumalo Skin will be launched very soon, and according to the Esiphambwaneni hitmaker, it helps with the following skin problems’ aging spots, blemishes, acne, dark inner thighs, scaring/scars, dark knuckles, dark underarms, and so many other problems.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Kelly introduced her skin care product, inviting everyone to try it out – including those who do not wish to age.

“Introducing SKIN by Kelly Khumalo with Bioquantine active
Bioquantine is a patented, all-natural bioactive extract designed to reverse the aging process. This incredible extract OF 94 POLYPEPTIDES (a World Class First) allows damaged cells to reprogram and repair themselves back into healthy and youthful cells.

“Bioquantine uses a natural signaling system, which helps to reverse the terminally differentiated diseased or aging cells towards a younger and healthier state. In other words, it helps the body fix its cells naturally. From skin cells to organ tissue, Bioquantine®️works the same way regardless of what type of cell it is or how badly it’s damaged. However, cells that have more damage than others will also take longer to repair,” she warned.

Kelly then emphasizes that most products int he market currently only deal with the top layer of one’s skin and not necessarily the other layers, speeding up the process.

She further adds, “Bioquantine represents the first of its kind, integrated approach towards biologic age reversal in humans, which addresses the full biological regulatory architecture of human aging processes , to bring them under complete medical control in the very near future. Successful medical applications to date includes spinal regeneration, cochlear regeneration, advanced Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, stroke recovery etc,” she concludes.

Kelly then reveals that Bioquantine is only available to V4Vitality, the company she partnered with, in the following regions; Africa, India, Middle East and Pakistan.

With all this success, invites a whole lot of negativity from people but she is not having any of it. She issued a stern warning to her haters that should things get intense, she will throw hands.

Basically Kelly said she does not need anyone’s support, and that if one disagrees with her views, they should do so with respect.

“I like what I like, I feel what I feel, so if you’re going to disagree with disrespect I suggest you don’t follow me or you don’t talk to me. And if you have a problem this is very simple, jump in the f**ken ocean or you can call me and drop your location and we can sort this thing out,” she warned.

This was after she posted something many disagreed with and she did not appreciate that.

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