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Kelly Opens Up About Her Vaccine Experience

Kelly Opens Up About Her Vaccine Experience

Besides her singing talents, Kelly Khumalo is also known for her outspoken nature. Last week shot got vaccinated and shared the experience with her audience acting as her alter ego Barbra. Khumalo revealed that after receiving the jab, she could not feel her lady parts.

“You know when they say, straight talk doesn’t break any friendship? Me I am like this. So, last week I went for my vaccination for Covid-19. I get there, they are telling me that maybe I’m going to experience a slight headache, maybe my arm will be in pain.” She continued.

“No problem. But they didn’t mention that certain parts of my body will not be functioning properly. You know I am not feeling anything down under. Is it me or is it just the repercussions of the vaccine? I just need to understand. She is not the same.”

This morning she decided to give her fans an update since her last viral video. In her latest video, she encouraged everyone to go and get vaccinated. She added that everything is now back to normal down there.

“Hello everybody, I hoping everything is good. I know why I have been missing in action since my last announcement of things not working properly down under after my Mo Vaccine. I just want to say to you – go and get mo’vaccine. I just want to say to you go and get the vaccine. Me, everything is going well. Everything is back to normal. Just go and get vaccinated, everything is going right.” She said.

A couple of months back in the trailer of the new season of her reality show, Kelly Khumalo revealed that she is currently seeing someone. At the time she did not reveal his identity.

“I’m not in a relationship; I am playing with someone.” Said Kelly. Following her last break-up, the star is not rushing into any serious relationship and is focusing on growing her business.

The Twitter FBI did some digging, they alleged that she’d found love in the arms of soccer star, Mthokozisi Yende. Mthokozisi who plays for Maritzburg United FC. Pictures found suggested that the two could be going out together. They’ve been spotted at the same location on a couple of occasions. Kelly is yet to respond to the allegations.

Chatting about the success of her reality show Life With Kelly Khumalo, the singer commended the producers of the show for allowing her to be her authentic self.

“My reality show is my way of owning my reality and embracing who I am. What I’ve learnt is that it gives me the power to own my story. No one can ever use my story against me because I have owned it. This is me, who I am, whether good or bad,” she said.

The 13-part series is currently available to stream on Showmax.

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