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Khanyi Mbau Breaks Her Silence On Booze Ban

Khanyi Mbau Breaks Her Silence On Booze Ban

Entrepreneur and reality TV star Khanyi Mbau, has broken her silence with regards to the current liquor ban in South Africa, which has many alcohol drinkers foaming at the mouth.

This follows after president Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced that the country will be moving to alert level 3 of lockdown. This was to ease the burden in hospitals caused by trauma cases due to reckless alcohol consumption.

In a video she posted on her Twitter account, the outspoken TV star started by commending Mzansi for adhering to the alert level 3 lockdown regulations. This follows after Chris Baragwanath hospital reported zero new trauma patients on new year’s eve.

Khanyi who recently ventured into the alcohol industry by launching her own gin I Am Khanyi, expressed how she feels about the government imposing a ban on the sale of alcohol again.

The actress questioned whether hospitals reported zero trauma cases because there was a strict curfew implemented which had many people indoors and said she is raising this topic because she is also in the alcohol industry and many people who work in this industry will be affected by the ban this January.

“Was it because law enforcement was out, there was a strict curfew and there were no parties allowed because I doubt that when the president banned the alcohol it made the alcohol disappear. People had alcohol in their homes. The reason why I am raising this is because it is January, schools are about to open there are families and people that work in the liquor industry that cannot go back to work, earn a living and support their families and make sure that their children go back to school,” Mbau said.

The actress raised the question of what is going to happen to her workers who also need to maintain their families as they cannot generate an income due to the ban of liquor. “I am in the alcohol industry, I have a gin, what happens to my staff what do I do to help them live their lives and have a better 2021 that was better than 2020?” she added.

Mbau suggested that the government should consider another strategy to support the liquor industry.

“I feel like maybe we need to look at another strategy instead of banning it completely maybe we can have a few days open just to support the industry so people can live.” She said it is also up to the masses to be responsible and consume their alcohol indoors to save lives.

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