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Khanyi Mbau: ‘I will come back from the salon’

Khanyi Mbau: ‘I will come back from the salon’

Media personality Khanyi Mbau has said that she does not hate her boyfriend and plans on returning from the salon.

Khanyi and her Zimbabwean-born boyfriend Terrence Kudzai Mushonga made headlines earlier this month, after he suggested that Khanyi was missing in Dubai.

He said he had dropped Khanyi off at a salon and planned to pick her up when she was done, which never happened. He posted a video of himself looking for Khanyi, but was unable to find her.

A few hours later, Terrence revealed that the “Abomama” star had returned to South Africa, along with other details of their relationship.

While the status of their relationship has been unknown, Khanyi took to social media this week to suggest that the couple would work through their issues.
The star posted several cryptic messages on her Instagram stories, but there were two clear messages.

One read: “I will come back from the salon,” while in another she said: “I don’t hate you, I never will. Now laugh … I am … we grow we learn.”

See below:

This past weekend, Khanyi reached the top of the trends list , after a video of her singing went viral.

The video was not a hit on social media because of the stars vocal abilities or lack thereof, but because of the contents of the very catchy lyrics.

Seen dancing in a white dress, while walking across the service bar at a Johannesburg restaurant, Khanyi sings: “Leave the man in Dubai” to a crowd that is cheering her on.

She then goes on to sing: “Leave and then come back.”

In the video, the star is also joined by her brother Lasizwe Dambuza, who is seen dancing on the other end of the bar.

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