Kim Jayde’s Passion Project Comes To Life

Kim Jayde’s Passion Project Comes To Life

MTV Base TV host Kim Jayde has announced that she will be launching her very own reality show, Kickin’ it with Kim Jayde. This show will feature guests from London, Miami, New York, and Mzansi’s very own.

Kickin’ It With Kim Jayde is a show for the sneaker heads where they can indulge in the fashion, culture, music and most importantly sneakers.

Fans understand why she calls it her passion project and a dream come true, as the presenter’s shoe closet boasts of a very impressive range of sneakers. Another impressive element is that Kim had to dig inside her pockets to fund her show as she has no sponsors or brands. With that said Kim Jayde plays the role of the executive producer, director, host, scriptwriter and casting director.

Through her own savings and collaboration with KJ productions, she’s managed to create an entire season of prominent guests. The first season is going to feature a total of 9 episodes.

Kickin’ it with Kim Jayde will premiere this Sunday at 5pm CAT on Kim Jayde’s IG TV and YouTube channel. As Southern Africa has an ever-growing sneaker community the show will definitely grow and reach a larger audience and maybe create more sneakerheads in the process.

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