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Lady Du Details All Her 19 Qualifications

Lady Du Details All Her 19 Qualifications

Amapiano vocalist and DJ Lady Du, was not pulling our legs when she said she is the most educated artist in Mzansi. Former Isibaya star Andile Mxakaza’s fiancé revealed that she has a total of 19 qualifications under her belt, but music is her ultimate calling.

Taking to Instagram Lady Du decided to throw it back to when she was still working 9-5 jobs, for the purpose of funding her dreams so she could make it big one day.

She told people who have bigger dreams but are still working 9-5’s that they should not give up, instead they should use their current jobs to help fund their dreams.

Here’s the break down of her qualifications: “I worked on a ship travelled the world doing beauty, studied fire fighting, teeth whitening specialist, and safety officer position. came back worked at my dad’s shop, then worked with trucks (logistics), then worked organising events for a foundation. All that money I invested back into my music.”

She then spoke about how she would be struggling at times but she never failed to pay them her salary. “Come hell or High water, pay or no pay they got paid. They stuck by me when I had no hits, today They get to share my dream with me. Whatever I have they will have. you might not like the job you have but make use of it. Everything I have comes from my own hands,” she bragged.

On Facebook, she told people to put some respect on her name, “I take everything I do serious, you can put me anywhere, I have 19 qualifications, I’m not just a musician!!!! NOT THE NORMAL ONE ke mina.” But nobody took her seriously. Well there you have it people!

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Through all of this though, Lady Du opened up about being suicidal as a result of her depression. During Mpura’s funeral, she shared how he helped her get her big break in the industry by encouraging her to lay it all on their hit song Umsebenzi Wethu.

“I’ve been through soooo much in my life, I’ve been depressed, suicidal, I survived all that, today as I lie in my bed crying I feel a pain that takes me to a dark place. I feel numb, weak, the toxic environment I’m entering is not good for my heart. I’m crying for my friends, I have to deal with toxic people, still have to smile and act brave. People telling me to ignore everything, how??

“All I know is writing songs and championing God, I pray a lot, I fast, I meditate but I haven’t even done it. Because telling people to pray now has become something else. I will be honest, I am broken, I am in pieces, If this is the price we pay to be In show biz, y’all can close my curtains. God knows my heart. I love hard, I ask all my friends to pray all the time. Today I ask God to clean our hearts.”

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