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Lady Zamar Slams Body Shammers

Lady Zamar Slams Body Shammers

As a person struggling with acne, Lady Zamar has also been subjected to body shaming from trolls, specifically Babes Wodumo. The musician has also committed to losing weight as she has shared her progress on social media and in no time she will have achieved her ideal weight. However, she has taken some time to call out body shaming saying people are just battling their own insecurities.

Body shaming has become a sensitive issue and has been addressed by our stars frequently. The Collide hitmaker has called out body shamers on Twitter saying they do not love themselves, hence they project their insecurities on other people.
“Body shamers usually have body issues they haven’t dealt with themselves. I always feel sorry for people who bully others.. it’s sad seeing how many people lack self love,” she tweeted.

Lady Zamar then preached for more love and people to accept each other more, “Pray for anyone who hurts you or says terrible things to you, they’re just projecting they’re own weaknesses onto you.”

“Change your perspective…defensive responses are in themselves reflectors of your insecurities. You learn to feel empathy and sympathy for anyone with darkness in them. Pray for love, peace and understanding.”

Zamar has been bullied countless times on social media however, the moment which raised eyebrows for everybody was the name calling from Babes Wodumo. A viral video circulated in 2019, where Babes can be heard mocking the Collide hitmaker of having acne and further calls her “Sf**e” which is Zulu for “b**ch”.

Like she always does, Zamar maintained a dignified silence throughout the whole saga until she spoke to Drum magazine about her pain, embarrassment and even anger over the drama that has played out in the media.
“I didn’t even know the meaning of the names she called me, but I eventually learned that one of them is a b***h who goes around sleeping with different men to the point where her vagina is worn out! And I was horrified, how could she be so cruel, to invest so much time and effort just to be just a mean person? I couldn’t believe it.”

Lady Zamar claims she was hurt by Babes’s denial which saw her claiming she was hacked and going as far as to completely deny any involvement in the video!

“She not only disrespected me, but fans as well, and you just don’t do that – you’re undermining so many people, that’s just wrong. When you’re sure about what you want and who you are, there will be a lot of hatred.. Mostly born of jealousy/envy and some just pure evil. But keep on being you, keep being unique and absolutely beautiful,” she concluded.

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