Lamiez And Khuli Chana’s Surprise For Best Nanny And Helper

Lamiez And Khuli Chana’s Surprise For Best Nanny And Helper

Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana stays giving people the ultimate couple goals. The couple is both flourishing in their individual careers, but that never stops the two from not only celebrating each other, but championing for each other causes. Now, the couple has revealed that they have enough love to go around for their whole family, including their “adopted” family. How? Peep the story below.

The first post came from the matriarch of the family; Lamiez Holwrthy. The popular club DJ and Live AMP co-host revealed that her and her husband had a special surprise for their helper. The two planned to surprise her by taking her on her first airplane flight.

Yes, the two planned to surprise their helper by taking her on her first flight ever. The couple changed the script of gifting helpers with cars or their first driving experience, and took it to the next “levol.” The plan explained by Lamiez was to her that they were going to Lesotho, but negate the fact that the trip will be taken via an airplane.

It took Khuli Chana’s post to reveal the helper, and nanny’s name as Mariana- or if you are Khuli, you can call her “Marrianna.” His first post was to add the story, by expressing how excited he was to see her face when she finally realized that she was going to be the in the air for the first time, rather than driving to Lesotho.

The first picture of the expression that Mariana had was shared by the “Mostwako Originator.” In the picture showcased what we can only assume is a shell shocked Mariana as she was seated and ready to take off. The couple and the helper are still on their flight, but if this is the first of many surprises. We cannot wait to see what the couple will do for during their trip in Maseru, Lesotho.

The couple has received kudos for their benevolent act from social media users. It has been a while since celebrities let us into what they do for their special helpers. Considering, how much they see and keep to themselves, it is rewarding for us to see them being given their flowers by their employers. Let us hope that this is a trend that other ZAlebs carry throughout the rest of the festive season. We know we can do with more good news in the world.

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