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Lamiez Trolled For Her “Boring” Vacation With Hubby

Lamiez Trolled For Her “Boring” Vacation With Hubby

Lamiez Holworthy has been hailed as the least problematic celebrity in the country but she still gets trolled. She and her husband Khuli Chana are currently vacationing at the Maldives and are having the time of their lives. Minding their own business and just loving each other loudly, but that irks a lot of trolls who say they look very bored.

The couple is serving some very cute content on social media from their beachy vacation at the serene and chilled Maldives. They are taking a much needed break from their busy lives when in the country and Lamiez admitted that her body really needed the rest.

“This is by far the most rest I’ve had in forever: My body is in shock.
Sucks that it took a traumatic experience for me to finally take time out. Take that leave and shut down. Work and everything else can wait. My well-being comes first and needs to be a priority moving forward,” she wrote at the time.

The much needed rest has been turned into a joke by trolls who say Lamiez looks bored on her vacation. A troll said that Maldives is a very boring place and that the couple already looks bored, asking how could they survive 7 days.

Tweeps came for Les and soon after Lamiez started trending. She too did not take the trolling lightly and said she will not dance to other people’s tunes by doing what they want her to do. She also said Twitter is a very weird place and logged off immediately. But before she could do that she said all she does is mind her own business and stays our of trouble.

Lamiez also acknowledged this tweet, “You have to be some level of gqwirhy (a witch) to come for Lamiez. She does her work, goes home to her family and posts cute pics and vids in between. An unproblematic hun who’s just living her life. She never bothers anyone! Yho. Nikhohlakele maan. (you guys are very vile.)”

Lamiez and Khuli Chana are couple goals. They are indeed unproblematic and they know how to treat each other right. Lamiez had a terrible experience at the hospital before jetting off to the Maldives.

“Today was probably one of the most emotionally draining days that I’ve ever had to endure and having health workers so numb and so insensitive to whatever I was going through by asking for a picture at a hospital even made it worse. What happened to empathy? To reading the f****n room?”

Lamiez reckons that celebrities are also people just like everybody else, “We get sick, get hurt go through hell and don’t need or deserve to be treated like objects,” she stated.

“I’m actually upset. I couldn’t even go through my emotions like any normal person could. Instead I am being followed form one department to the next for a fuc**ng picture? By multiple people? At a hospital guys. A hospital where people are fighting for their lives and some die and lose their loved ones daily. You want a picture? Of someone clearly not okay?” she questioned.

“I am a people’s person and I genuinely appreciate those who show me love. I am however only human. I am human before anything else and it would be nice to treated with common courtesy and respect especially in such tough times. Am I supposed to wipe my tears and smile for your picture? Like screw what I’m going through right?” an emotional Lamiez wrote.

She ended her IG Stories with a bit of sarcasm. “guess that’s it – wipe your tears and get over whatever you’re going through because people want pictures right? My whole worl must stop because fans want pictures right? At a hospital? Ok I get it. I’m not human, I must get the hell over what’s upsetting me and pose right? Okay, Noted!”

Check out snaps from their vacation:

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