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Langa Mavuso’s Album Breaks Records

Langa Mavuso’s Album Breaks Records

R&B singer Langa Mavuso released his highly anticipated debut album last month, towards the end of September 2020, the name of the album simply being called Langa. It has only been two years since the singer and songwriter burst onto the Mzansi music scene but he has already become a household name and captured the hearts of many.

Today Langa is a singer, songwriter and performer. He has appeared on television, featured on radio, had various live performances, released a noteworthy EP called Liminal Sketches and more recently a collaborative EP with Red Bull Studios in Cape Town called Home.

A couple of fan accounts shared the great achievement, which comes just weeks after the release of his album, meaning that it was well-received by his fans. This is definitely no surprise considering how talented Langa Mavuso is.

“.@LangaMav self-titled debut album, LANGA, has surpassed an incredible 2 Million streams across various digital stores to date http://icekream.co.za”

“No surprises here as @LangaMav’s debut album #LANGA surpasses 2 million streams across digital stores: http://bit.ly/langa-mavuso”

The 12-track album sees Langa explore the themes around love, heartbreak, self-reflection and sees the artist explore a new version of himself. The Deezer NEXT Artist of 2020, explained to ZAlebs that the album is named Langa as it is his way of fully expressing himself.

“This album is the honest sharing of my heart and a candid journal of my journey back to myself after losing love. It will make you cry, dance and maybe even smile. This is the window into my life through love,”

“I am here to say, this is who I am, this is my story. This is my first full album and here you go, here’s my heart and I give it to you. It’s scary but I give it to you,”

Langa further went on to describe how the release of his emotions and the connection he has to this body of work translates his life.

“This album is inspired by heartbreak. This is me taking a moment to look in the mirror and reflect on self, through the journey of this heartbreak, and you’ll see three different phases of this journey play out throughout the album, with every four songs; in the beginning, we reflect on the pain and upset caused by losing love, with this part of the album expressing the initial acceptance of a relationship ending.

In the second part, we step into a more tumultuous part of the heartbreak; inspired by the sounds of nightclubs and a lifestyle that can be described as a distraction. Most of the music in this second phase is me exploring a new version of myself and ultimately looking for love in all the wrong places in the attempt to avoid dealing with the pain, but this charade all ends with a song called ‘Pretend’, which shifts the album’s focus back to internal work and spiritual alignment.

The final part of the album starts with me praying for salvation and leads to me finally accepting that this love is lost.”

With the amount of love and dedication he has put into this album, we can understand why it has already reached this 2 million streams milestone in such a short time.

What do you think about this talented singer?

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