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Lasizwe Is Finally Fixing A MAJOR Insecurity!

Lasizwe Is Finally Fixing A MAJOR Insecurity!

Social media influencer, Lasizwe, took to Instagram on Thursday, 27 August 2020 to share with his fans a life-milestone. The Youtuber stated that he has felt insecure about his teeth his entire life, and now that he is financially capable of fixing them, he going to go ahead with a teeth-revamp.

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He stated, “So I have always been insecure about my teeth and how I smile for years now! Finally, I can afford to change my teeth and get the smile I’ve always wanted! Hard Work Pays off!”.

Fans shared their thoughts on his upcoming cosmetic procedure, stating that they did not see anything wrong with his teeth, and that he was perfect the way he is. Lasizwe responded back to many of his followers, thanking them for their works of encouragement, but was firm in his decision to go ahead with getting new grillz.

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