Lasizwe Is NOT Getting Into A Relationship Anytime Soon

Lasizwe Is NOT Getting Into A Relationship Anytime Soon

Social media influencer, Lasizwe, has gone back and forth with regards to his relationship and wanting a man. Relating to almost all singletons, he has often showcased his loneliness on social media and has even incorporate his lack of boyfriend in some of his online skits.

Whilst Lasizwe has not openly been linked to anyone in particular, it appears as though nothing has ever come to fruition and he is completely over it. In a tweet on Tuesday, 27 October 2020, baby boy stated, “I have come to conclusion that I want a situationship and not a relationship going forward. Basically I am here for a good time not a long time because I excel with flying colours in a situationship and The best part is the trading hours set up that comes with a situationship.”

Some of his fans were ecstatic following his change of heart, with tweeps offering the services to be a part of any kind of situationship he has to offer. Others however offered him some advice, claiming that he needs to rather protect his heart and stay away from anything or anyone that could potentially hurt him. Sibusiso Stanly commented with, “What if you end up catching feelings from situationship to relationship? Sometimes games of love are dangerous.”

For the past week if you have been following the reality star’s Instagram the baby boy let us in on who he is currently crushing. It started with Lasizwe using his Instagram stories to showcase that he is currently crushing hard on American rapper, DaBaby. Lasizwe has gone as far as downloading the rapper’s stories and sharing them on his stories. Moreover, he had been playing the rapper’s catalogue like crazy.

On Twitter he posted images of himself on a quad bike. Lasizwe and his siblings has spent the day together quad biking sharing the experience through his Instagram stories. But the images he posted from the session were captioned with, “DaBaby’s future baby.” A bold statement that was intentionally meant to shake the table considering that when he posted he images on Instagram, the caption read, “John Vuli iGate.”

Lasizwe has also come under fire for allegedly attempt to break up homes. He recently posted a picture on Twitter, posing with Mohale and they looked dapper in black and white outfits. The two were attending a birthday celebration of Somizi’s friend Leeroy Sidambe. In a tweet the infamous Twitter profile Mr Handsome wrote, “Breaking News: Mohale is having an affair with Mohale.” Lasizwe defended himself by pulling out the “F- word”.

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