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Lebo Keswa Officially Pays Lobola For Letoya

Lebo Keswa Officially Pays Lobola For Letoya

Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene and Lebohang Keswa have partially sealed the deal as the couple grows one step closer to becoming an official married couple.

Letoya being a sangoma, the lobola proceedings were done a bit differently. The businesswoman confirmed to Sunday World that she had asked Letoya and her ancestors permission to wed.

The publication reveals that Lebo and family made their way to Letoya’s home in Tladi, Soweto to pay lobola. Lebo explained the process in depth.

“When you lobola a woman you’re paying respect to her parents and family and thanking them for your future wife. Ukulobola idlozi is paying respect to the ancestors for the gift of the person that is in your life.

“In ancient times, sangomas lived and died without a partner in their lives. Over time, they evolved and fell in love, and this process helps smooth out what could be a very complicated relationship. It allows your ancestors to understand and give space to the person that is in your life and it allows a sangoma to have a healthy and peaceful relationship,” explained Lebo.

Letoya is grateful that she has to spend the rest of her life with a woman she loves. “We’ve come very far and I am grateful that I live in a time where I can celebrate my love for my partner in this way. As I settle down with my lifetime partner, I will always remember those who fought so hard for me to be able to be where I am today.

“As long as you live a God-centred life and always treat others how you would want to be treated, the universe will always bless you because that’s what you put out.”

The lovebirds got engaged last month after a romantic hot air balloon ride. As soon as they landed there was a banner on the ground written “Will you marry me.” Lebo had proposed!

In a video shared on social media by Lebohang she is seen popping the question to Letoya who seems excited and approves the proposal. The emotional TV star was on cloud nine expressed how she loves her.

The couple later hosted an engagement party attended by close friends and families. Letoya and Lebohang have been together for more than 8 months now and after they announced their relationship homophobic social media users dragged them especially Letoya who was once romantically linked with men. She last dated the father of her youngest son.

In a live video documented by Daily Sun Letoya said “We won’t say we don’t have our ups and downs because that’s what every relationship has but what I like is that our love conquers all.”

“When we started with this relationship, we got a lot of criticism but we’ve learned to live with them.”

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