Lerato Kganyago Shows Off 40k Designer Bag

Lerato Kganyago Shows Off 40k Designer Bag

When you live next door to the President, what in the world is too expensive of a price tag that you think maybe I cannot afford that? Well, the answer for that seems to be nothing, especially if your name is Lerato “Lenyora” Kganyago.

The good sis for the past few months has been giving off rich aunt vibes and leaving us breathing through the wound. Her latest subtle drag- or aspirational content depending on the social media platform- is Mother showcasing her customized designer Dolce and Gabbana bag.

The medium Sicily shoulder bag is said to retail for over 30k, with tax when it is just a simple bag without the extras. Now, Lerato’s customized bag firstly has the inscribed Dolce and Gabbana iconography on the actual bag. And it has her initials L.K.G inscribed too, on the bag. Therefore, image how much the bag actually cost Mother- or her husband that loves to gift mother with all her favorite luxury brands and items.

In case you have forgotten, this is the same rich aunt that as soon as the borders opened. She and her husband, Thami Ndlala, travelled to Istanbul, Turkey for some rest, relaxation and whole lot of shopping. During their trip, Lerato took us with her via her Instagram stories to all the places they explored.

But one picture she did not mind sharing was just how much shopping they did when they visited the Dior and Hermes store in İstinye Park. Lerato posted the image of her with her all her bags. And just from the size alone of the boxes, it is clear that from the cost of the bags, a cute little car for a South African entry-level worker could be bought. And that is not a drag, but merely showing that sis is rich.

Another detail that has been revealed lately is that Lerato still owns her luxury home before she moved in with her husband next door to President Cyril Ramaphosa. Following getting her new endorsement deal with Skip, Lerato broke the news from her “old” home. The home has become the site where she conducts the promotional work for the brand.

Lerato and Thami are seemingly happier than ever since their little mishap in the past. The two are living their best life and giving zero to what might be hate and drama over their relationship. And since getting back together, Lerato has lived up to the affirmations that were shared by her husband.

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