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Lerato Kganyago takes aim at female DJs

Lerato Kganyago takes aim at female DJs

Media personality and DJ, Lerato Kganyago has taken aim at fellow female DJs in the entertainment industry.

The star lifted the lid on the women-on-women hate among female DJs in the industry on social media.

While the DJing scene is dominated by men, South Africans have witnessed a rise in female DJs in gig line-ups, from DJ Zinhle, Lamiez Holworthy, DBN Gogo and more.

However, Lerato revealed how a “certain” female DJ didn’t want to be added to the line-up if Lerato was playing at a gig.

Lerato revealed this in a conversation with a tweep who asked why some line-ups don’t have female DJs.

Lerato lifted the lid of one of her sad experiences, saying one female DJ once told the owner of Vicks in Tshwane not to book her.

The conversation started when Lerato responded to a tweet from DBN Gogo.

“Let’s not forget the women that tell promoters they want to be the ONLY female on the line up”, said Lerato.

She went on to give more detail.

“Babe there’s a female DJ that told the owner of Vicks in Pretoria to not book(me) with her, a female. Male DJ’s have brotherhood, rona we group ourselves, gossip, sny remarks in wats app groups. The pie IS SO BIG…But ranyatsane, everyone wants to be the baddest…”, she tweeted.

Another tweep joined the conversation and said how “genuinely shocked” she was about the hate other female DJs had, claiming that people don’t realise that one goes further if they were together.

“Like there’s no need to compete with each other. We all bring something different to the table,” the tweep wrote.

Feeling she shared the same sentiments as the tweep, Lerato pointed out that in most cases, the one who speaks publicly about “empowerment” was the one sabotaging others.

Last week, Lerato also spoke out about how she isn’t here for people in the entertainment industry who inherit their friends’ beef – specifically women.

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