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Letoya And Wife Have No Intention Of Paying Their Bolt Debt

Letoya And Wife Have No Intention Of Paying Their Bolt Debt

After trending on social media on Sunday afternoon, actress and Letoya Makhene – Pulumo and her wife Lebo have hit back at claims they owe a Bolt driver money.

The couple had tongues wagging on social media when a video showing a convoy of Bolt drivers parked outside her home, demanding that she comes outside and pays them, went viral.

According to a Facebook user by the name Urifhe Muntswu, Letoya has been using a bolt driver to transport her from home to work and back to work again, but she has not been paying him.

“Every time he calls her, she does not answer the phone and this is what she says when he asked for his money. The Randfontein bolt association crew, therefore, decided to go to her place and she was not there”

When the drivers, who were moving in a group for moral support approached Letoya’s children, they claimed that the children insulted the crew and told them that “she has an important job and she cannot come home meaning the bolt drivers jobs are not important”.

However, according to the couple who spoke to Daily Sun, they do not owe the driver any money. They explained that the driver had his own agreement with their 20-year-old son who he has been chauffeauring to parties without their consent or knowledge.

“I asked how he could transport kids to parties without talking to us as parents. I told him to get his money from the kid. How do you take a 20-year-old partying and make it my problem? This has nothing to do with Letoya. She’s being targeted because she’s a celebrity,” Lebo said.

The only agreement that the couple claims to have had with the driver was as a result of them being away because their grandmother had passed away. They made an agreement with the driver transport their children to school.

“We had an agreement that he would transport our kids. I lost my grandmother and mother, and was in mourning. That is why we were at our home in Randfontein and asked him to take our kids to school,” she said.

They further said that they have no intentions of paying the driver anymore because he defamed their characters.

“Maybe I would have tried to pay him but after ruining my name, I will not. He has exposed our place of business and where our son stays. He has stripped us naked,” said the Generations: The Legacy actress.

The couple has been living in a bit of fear since the incident, and have even taken measures to stay off social media.The last time they hogged the headlines was after a publication insinuated that they were flat broke, to the point where they could not even afford to pay a restaurant bill.

Refuting these claims, the couple took to various media houses and stated that they have a healthy bank balance. They even went to the extent as saying they are willing to reveal their bank balance to the world to prove that the allegations are false.

They have opened a case of intimidation and defamation of character at the Sandton police station as they believe someone is stalking them and trying to destroy their image by spreading rumours on social media. “My wife and I wine and dine about three times a week. Now explain to me how we can be broke if we can afford to go out so much. We can send you our bank balance and it’s quite healthy,” stated Lebo keswa.

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