Letoya Is Not Bothered By All The Hate

Letoya Is Not Bothered By All The Hate

The former Generations: The Legacy actress is really unapologetic about what she chooses to do with her life as long as it pleases her. Letoya has also never shied away from showing off her private life on social media and she’s one of the few celebrities that have openly come out as sangomas.

However, like any other celebrity her life has been marred with some controversy especially regarding her love life. Letoya was previously romantically linked with males, her marriage ended a few years back and, her revelation that she was a lesbian took many by surprise.

Letoya and bae are cheap?

According to a bolt driver who allegedly drove Letoya and her kids to and from work and wherever else they wanted to go; the actress hasn’t paid him the money they owe him. On top of these allegations, he also claims that the actress was not answering his call when he tried to contact her, and her kids contended that she wasn’t at home when he went to meet her.

He said they insulted him by saying that she has a very important job and could not leave for no reason, which insinuated that the driver’s job was not significant. Letoya’s partner Keswa was also dragged into this.

So what really happened?

Letoya’s traumatic experience

Grieving a loved one is hard enough without coming face to face with the barrel of a gun. This being said, Letoya had to face just that when her bae’s cousin decided to show up at the house that belonged to Keswa’s mother and her mother before that.

The incident shook the actress and her partner so much that they decided to hire full-time security to ensure that no such incident ever happened again. But what was the cause of all this?

Letoya Makhene’s ancestral calling questioned

Most people choose their spirituality, but spirituality is a calling for others, and no one can get them to stray from their path. Such is the case with the Letoya and she believes that she must follow her ancestral calling and be grateful for the gift she is given.

Faithful to her belief Letoya hit back at haters and said that there was nothing anyone can say to make her feel different about what her ancestors have called her to do.

Letoya fights for her life

Well, thanks to her ancestors for it could have been worse. Letoya was rushed to the hospital after she suffered from a burn out. She said she suffered from exhaustion after she kept pushing her body to work until it ultimately reached its limit.

However, it seems Letoya is one not to listen and could there be more reason that could have landed her in the hospital?

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