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#LifeWithKellyKhumalo: Jub Jub Never Tried To See His Son

#LifeWithKellyKhumalo: Jub Jub Never Tried To See His Son

Life with Kelly Khumalo’s first 6 episodes debuted on Showmax today and tweeps are all up in their feelings over Kelly Khumalo’s revelations.

To say the series is explosive is an understatement. Thingo her daughter with Senzo Meyiwa asked her why she and her older brother Christian whose father is Jub Jub don’t have a father.

In a later scene her son had been suspended from school for stealing a ht and Kelly’s mom can be heard telling her that Christian is behaving this way because he doesn’t have a father figure.

“A boy child needs his father”.

Her mother goes on to tell her to reach out to Jub Jub.

Kelly responds with “I won’t be made a fool by Molema”

She goes on to say she has not seen Jub Jub in nine years and will not go out of her way to seek him out for him to be a father to his own son.

A tweep who felt like Kelly was keeping Jub Jub from his son took to Twitter to ask Kelly about.

Kelly did not mince her words when she said “I can not deny a man who’s never tried, so f*k off wena!”


Tweeps were quick to drag Jub Jub for it.

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