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Lira Celebrates A Special Annivesary

Lira Celebrates A Special Annivesary

Two years ago the Internationally renowned singer Lira made history when she became the first African woman to have a Barbie doll made in her image.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate this special anniversary yesterday, Lira said she wishes to celebrate all queens around the world.

She wrote: “Happy 2nd Anniversary to my mini-me. As part of @barbie’s 60th anniversary, I became the first African woman to have a Barbie doll made in her image. Makes me pause and reflect on how far we have come in terms of celebrating the many variations of African beauty. We are all valid and valuable and we need to celebrate our own kind of beautiful! I wish to celebrate all queens around the world – much love ”

In the comments section, the singer made it clear that her doll is not available for purchase “It’s a once-off not for sale,” she said after a fan mentioned that she had never seen the mini Lira at any shopping centers.

“Can the marketing team do a better job of marketing this mini Lira. I’ve never seen it at any mall or on the internet. These days it should be an easy thing to find, be it on socials or the internet. Beautiful product, I must say.” wrote a fan.

Bexxy-bai wrote: “@miss_lira I have vowed not to buy my daughter any other color dolls only black because she needs to know from birth she is a beautiful shade and that kinky hair is awesome. I even have sister locks and mostly wear African fabrics. I love being African and l will show it off. Best believe. You inspire me so much. We are watching and learning and passing on our African heritage to the next generations.”

In a statement she shared in 2019, Lira said this was an affirmation that the world is finally celebrating Africans as they are.

“I’m deeply honored to be Barbie’s first African role model and am excited to align with a brand that is on a mission to show girls more diverse role models. I have always been someone who endeavors the celebration of my skin tone and natural hair, and it is amazing to see this reflected in my doll which I hope will inspire girls across the African continent. This is an enormous gesture and affirmation that the world is celebrating Africa for who we are,” she said.

The singer also told Jacaranda FM during an interview that she was mostly concerned about the hair.

She said: “Truly my concern was always my hair. You think to yourself, you’ve got short hair … Barbies have long flowing hair, and so how’s that going to work?”

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