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Luis Munana Is Ready To Become A Father

Luis Munana Is Ready To Become A Father

Luis Munana rose to superstardom in the ninth season of Big Brother Africa and he has become a household name with a legion of fans. The media personality is the embodiment of ‘hard work pays off.’

He has his hands dipped in various solid business ventures and he recently revealed that he is in the process of completing his home. Luis recently waltzed into the dirty thirties in pure pizzaz and he feels the clock is ticking for him to become a father. He revealed that he wants to have a kid but he does not want to co-parent with someone he is not in a relationship with.

He asked his fans for a piece of advice whether he is wrong or right and here’s what they had to say.

@_Ndeapo_ “No, you’re not. Work on getting into a relationship with the right person first. No pressure.”

@DadyMAKK “You are like a prophet right now, seeing it coming before it happens. The whole society is damaged cuz co-parenting outside relationships is the new norm.”

@iyaloo_itana “Don’t do it, it’s the pits out here. They co-parent when they feel like it.

We hope things will work out for him and he will find the perfect woman if he hasn’t.

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