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Makgofe Moagi Shows Off Her Son

Makgofe Moagi Shows Off Her Son

Skeem Saam’s Makgofe Moagi recently took to Instagram to show off her firstborn. “This love…From the moment I looked at his face, I knew I had to become superwoman… my number 1.” She gushed about him.

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In 2020, the actress revealed that she almost lost her life. She shared this on their birthday. “Nothing fazes me in this world. I almost died-2018 in I.C.U.” Said the actress.

At the time she was admitted to the hospital she did not know that she was pregnant. “Meanwhile unbeknownst to everyone I’m pregnant. I remember telling the Drs & radiographers to check if I’m not pregnant and they all dismissed that as drugged up patient talk.”

In her heart, the actress knew that she was expecting. Even though it was not confirmed at the time.

“But deep down in my soul, I knew I was. My babies went through that hell with me, my 2 angels by my side, God is truly amazing. I’m humbled, in awe, feeling blessed and loved beyond measure.”

Reflecting on her journey travelled, she revealed that she was content with where she was.

“I might not have attained my dreams the way I had planned coz God had a bigger plan for my life. The battle I was in He knew He had to halt my plans first, Badimo ba geshu Badimo baka fought for me and Won- bana ba baloi lenyele, le paletšwe dimpsya tse!”

Following the experience, she counts her blessings and is content with where she is in her life. “I count my blessings, I’m content that my life is flowing in the way that Badimo had intended it to be- I’m not rushing or competing with anyone – my life my race Their pace.”

She has also learned that no one really has this life thing figured out. We are all here by the mercy of our ancestors and God.

“My twin angels are #1, Ke re #one!! I surrendered my life to the Higher powers, my ICU experience showed me that no one has everything figured out. Never, impossible. That is God, Badimo & Mangeloi’s job, may Their will continue to be done in my life & my loved ones!”

Makgofe has not featured in Skeem Saam in months now. She made her last appearance when after Meikie Maputla threatened her and told her to leave Turf for good. We are not sure when she will make her return. Who knows? Might she might be back for T’Bose and Mmapitsi’s wedding which is taking place on the 21st of August 2020. From now we can only speculate.

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