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Makhadzi Becomes A Homeowner

Makhadzi Becomes A Homeowner

Congratulations are in order for Makhadzi as she officially became a homeowner! The Ghanama star took to Twitter to share the good news and the congratulatory messages started flowing.

Not only that but Makhadzi shared another achievement which involves building 4 other homes for her family. Sis had to pat herself on the back because what an amazing achievement at the age of 25!

Makhadzi said even though her mother and father had separated, she did not want to chose who she should build a house for. Instead she built them both their very own houses. Now, she is celebrating again as she bought her own house.

“The first time I entered to my house I took this picture. My dream came true and I am proud of my self. I built my grandmother a house House with garden just because my mom and father separated I decided to not choose but to built them two different houses. Now I bought MY OWN HOUSE!” she exclaimed.

Makhadzi wrote that it has always been her dream for her mother and grandmother to live a better life. She said when she makes it, her duty would be to ensure her family has a roof over their heads and also go to bed on full tummies, instead of wearing expensive clothing.

“Hey listen! I am 25 years and I managed to built 4 houses. Congratulations to my self NDITOFPFI MUFUKADZI WA VHUTALI,” wrote Makhadzi. “My dream was to see my parents and my grandmother living a better life, I didn’t care about wearing expensive clothes but to make sure that all my family have a place to sleep and hide hunger and god chose me to make a different. When you pray and work hard everything is possible,” she added.

Makhadzi is also gearing up for her album release which will be on September 3, “My album is ready 03 September please show some love… AFRICANQUEEN.”

Messages of congratulations poured in:

26-year-old Natasha Thahane also managed to buy her very own home. Taking to social media she said “I’m officially a Home Owner. God is Faithful. Despite the evolving and unstable seasons that life brings, we are called to trust Him. He is a consistent provider & comforter,” she tweeted.

She thanked her followers for the love and support. “Thank You All for always
supporting me. Makwande na’kuni. Camagu Mam’ Jwarha, Mtika, Mazaleni, Dolo limdaka, Butsolo bentonga, Jotela. Bantw’abahle noba bapheth’ izikhali.”

Ntando Duma’s daughter Sbahle Mzizi is also a young homeowner herself. Ntando shared a picture of the new home on her Instagram stories, Ntando wrote: “Now that we have built for mama, let’s build for my little one.”

Ntando has always been parenting goals. She had revealed that a guy gifted her money for just being a good mum. “A guy gave me 1K at Moja Cafe today as a token of appreciation for being a great mother to my daughter, she said. He said watching me effortlessly doing it helped him a lot with raising his own kids. He said A LOT and my heart is so, so warm,” Ntando tweeted.

“Did I not start weeping at a groove! Yho! Bab’ Mndebele If you see this tweet just know that you’ve given me even more courage and strength to continue doing this ngokuy’khandla nango Thando (with love and dedication). I actually have no words Kodwa izandla zidlula ikhanda Ngiyabonga (I am amazed thank you).”

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